What is our cuisine about

Our restaurant combines the best features that the four cuisines we serve can offer. Become our Guest and let yourself be carried away by the vibe that we create for you!

On a white plate is arranged tagliatelle with fresh truffle cut into thin slices, arugula and sliced Parmesan cheese.

The italian simplicity

Our culinary efforts are based on traditional recipes and fresh ingredients. Pasta fresca in a few different versions plays the main role – a vegetarian one included! We didn’t forget about a soft mozzarella di bufala accompanied by fresh veggies, or an absolute classic – tiramisu dessert.

The fiery spanish cuisine right at the baltic seaside

Experience the southern spirit on your plate! Fish and seafood, like mules and a redfish, lead the way in our interpretation of the Spanish cuisine. Why don’t you start with tuna and shrimps for the appetizer? Maybe you feel like eating a soup? Have a bowl of the red pepper cream served during fall and winter, or the refreshing gazpacho in the warmer part of the year.

A modern plate with shrimp and a glass of white wine sits on a wine barrel, on a board with the Endi Wine House logo. In the background are green leaves of vegetation. On the plate beautifully arranged shrimp, surrounded by a piece of lemon, an edible goblet with salad.
The man is holding a hamburger in both hands, which he is about to eat. He is holding it over a wooden board with baking paper on it and Belgian fries and two sauces - a white one in a small jar and a red one in a small white bowl.

The original american cuisine

Find out yourself that the American menu has much more to offer than fast food and deep-fried dishes! Our South American appetizers will be a great prelude to the steak or one of three burgers. We took care of our vegetarian Guests too!

The surprising polish cuisine

We put tradition in a modern shape first. Let us take you by surprise with a completely new form of the native cuisine, full of intensive flavours – sour, spiced, herbal, tart. You should definitely try the traditional Wederkase cheese from Żuławy that has recently been recreated locally!

On top of the wine barrel lies a wooden cutting board, and on it is a beautiful red plate with sour cream. Next to the plate is a black metal basket, lined with a black napkin, and in it is white sliced bread. In the background are the leaves of a small potted palm tree.