People are a restaurant’s heart

Endi Wine House is located in the very centre of Sopot, next to the popular Monciak. We offer you a mix of cuisines from four different regions of the world. You will eat here well, have a glass of wine, hold a family party, or a business meeting.

Strzałka w dół
A young man - Chef Damian Dopieralski, stands with his hands resting on the table. In front of him are five plates with beautiful dishes, prepared by the Chef. The Chef is smiling slightly. In the background you can see the interior of the restaurant.

Endi Wine House

Our restaurant is created by people who blazed many culinary trails. Our Head Chef – Damian Dopieralski – is the laureate of the IKA Culinary Olympics 2020. Mateusz Flasiński, who combines the role of The Head of the Bar and the Manager, will make you best drinks and take care of every detail of your reservation.

Together with a well-knit team of waiters, bartenders, and chefs we create a unique place where the most important person is you – our Guest.


Four regions of the world

We invite you to set off on a journey through Italy, Spain and both Americas. The courses, prepared by our chefs with great care, will take you straight to sunny Tuscany, colorful Barcelona or crowded streets of Mexico. Obviously – we don’t forget tradition and Polish dishes that – being served in an original way with a modern twist – will let you discover the native cuisine in a totally new and fresh way. Have a bite of our panko bread crumb-crusted pork loin served as tapas!

A blue modern plate of goose gizzards with pampouche sits on a wine barrel. Next to the pampouche on the plate is sliced red cabbage. In the background is heather.
A young man raises a glass of red wine to his lips.

The wine house...

A well-combined wine emphasizes the taste of the food. Our sommelier Dawid Jebwabnik is here to advise you on the selection. You will find here the finest vintages from different corners of the world: Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and – naturally – Poland. What’s your favorite wine?

Wine list

...well, not only wine

Are you a fan of surprising, extraordinary combinations? We offer you original, self-invented  cocktails (non-alcoholic too!). Don’t worry though – you can still order whisky sour, negroni and plenty of other classics. Do you feel like having a glass of craft beer? Let’s check what the Czarna Owca Brewery can offer you to quench your thirst.

Cocktail card
Two beautiful drinks stand on a dark wine barrel. The cocktail in the foreground is in a tall crystal glass, it is pink in color, with pieces of pomegranate floating on top. In the drink there is a black straw and a pink round decoration, which looks like a lollipop. The second drink is in a tall glass, it is yellow in color, and two layers of foam float on top - a smaller layer of white and on top of it a larger layer of pink. At the very top, the cocktail is decorated with mint leaves.

Visit us!

Endi Wine House is a place where the great fare meets art. Give us a visit and listen to live music or take a look at works of art served by the Tri-City artists – everything in the green surroundings of plants (and the queen Monstera!). After the wild weekend celebration (more or less…), we invite you to a Sunday family meeting – finish the walk along Monciak at Endi’s. There is a special place for families with youngest consumers too. Just feel at home, we are waiting for you!

See you soon